The Basics Of A Home For Your Horse 101

At an annual cost of $2,500 and that doesn’t include stabling, owning a horse is not a cheap proposition. “So what?” would be the response from those who love their horses.

Owning, riding and loving horses is a way of life and those who love it really do.


horse barn ma

It makes sense that you would want to ensure that your horse is properly housed with plenty of space. Letting a horse out to pasture allows them some freedom but might not be always appropriate. In the winter or in wet weather it makes sense to take them indoors.

Horses need a shelter which is dry and clean. They are hardy as long as it is dry and still, but when there is a cold wind and also chance of their coats being wet they need the shelter of a horse barn ma.

The shelter needs to be large enough for the horse to stand and lie comfortably, that is about 100 sq. feet for the average riding horse. The ceiling height should be 8 feet or more.

The site needs not to be subject to flooding, but to have access to water, as they need a lot, and you don’t want to be carrying it.

The floor can be earth which might be warmer than concrete or paving of some sort. But an earth floor will need to be replaced every couple of years.

The main idea is that the horse(s) are warm, comfy and safe. So, when your structure is finished make sure you check the entire shelter for nails, screws, sharp edges or any objects on which the horse may injure itself.

Make sure you check-in with local authorities for any specific building requirements within your area before building.